Online Learning Series

Parsha for the Perplexed     Dec. 2 – 8:00pm

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We are a modern orthodox congregation offering a full range of services to the Jewish Community of Chicago and the northern suburbs.

An Orthodox Synagogue

               A Family Congregation

                                     A Warm Community

As an orthodox synagogue, we observe all of the customs, practices and services of an orthodox shul.  We have twice daily mechitza (separate seating) minyanim in our Main Sanctuary, as well as a mechitza Shabbat morning service.

LJCAGBI is a family congregation, a place to discover religious identification and strengthen cultural heritage; where we celebrate holidays and joyous times and find comfort during times of sorrow.  It is a place to make friends and to learn through our many programs for adults and children.

Most of all we are a community.  LJCAGBI members offer warmth, friendship and support.  Our members are open and welcoming; it does not take long to feel right at home.

All services are offered in the Main Sanctuary.   Please join us for a Shabbat service or for our daily shachrit and mincha/maariv service (maariv only during the winter months).  See the Worship Services tab for service times.